Events & Announcements
  July 5th


The Steering Group hosted a Consultation and Exhibition at The Old Friends’ Meeting House on 9th December to present their current ideas as to some future Policies and a Vision for the Parish Neighbourhood Plan. We were pleased to welcome a good number of residents on a cold morning at what is a busy time of year.

The Presentations were board mounted and are now to be found by clicking here and are on our Facebook page.  We are sure that you will find them informative. In particular, the plans and maps need to be reviewed in order to gain an informed overview of these important topics.

Additionally, the Steering Group are considering the inclusion in a draft Neighbourhood Plan of a “Green Wedge” between any possible development north of Stebbing Green to limit coalescence between any such development and Stebbing Green and Stebbing village. This concept was foreshadowed in the Landscape Appraisal and Capacity Assessment undertaken by The Landscape Partnership which is included on our website. The Heritage Assessment prepared by Grover Lewis Ltd is also valuable in this context.

Further and separately, consideration is being given to the establishment of Local Green Spaces (“LGS”) within the Parish, which would also be of importance to protect suitably sized land areas for long term recreational uses as well as for their landscape and heritage. The criteria for establishing such spaces are detailed, while the designation of LGS has a similar effect to “Green Belt” designation. Explanatory Notes covering LGS can be accessed by clicking here.

We received many responses to the Questionnaire with several additional comments.

The consultation closed on 5th January 2018.

We thank the Residents for continuing to support us in our work.

24th September 2017

Members of the Steering Steering Group will be at the village fete to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan with you. We would welcome any thoughts you might have on the future development of Stebbing.

29th July 2017

A drop-in session took place in the Stebbing Meeting House to run through the results from the recent parish questionnaire. This a summary of the exhibits. 


3th April 2017

An open meeting took place at the Stebbing Village Hall to give an update on progress with Stebbing Neighbourhood Plan. These are the slides from the presentation given 

19th June 2016

Uttlesford District Council have approved Stebbing Parish Council's request to create a Neighbourhood Plan. Therefore the recently formed Neighbourhood Steering Group can now commence their work in earnest.